Cyber Security Monitoring Services

Custom Business Specific Use Cases Our experts will assess your company’s security competence and business risk and then create cyber security monitoring use cases based on how your firm performs across our audit. Our specialists utilize sector-wise use cases and examine asset criticality, utilization, networking, and user data to create custom use cases tailored to your business. With reduced false positives, we will send you actionable alerts.

Continuously Evolving Monitoring The average security monitoring services and systems are designed to achieve compliance requirements and use predefined rules to identify recognized attacks. SmartShield’s Cyber Security Monitoring services go beyond monitoring compliance and constantly fine-tune rules for threats and non-compliance detection with real employees, not just software.

Big Data SIEM Platform To collect event logs and security events 24/7, SmartShield leverages the best SIEM technologies available. As part of this managed SIEM service, our experts can also sharpen existing SIEM solutions or systems that you are using.

  • Process your data on SIEM platforms managed by leading big data providers
  • Continually upgrade and apply the latest rules for detecting and defining recognized attacks via SIEM solutions
  • Our managed SIEM service offers useful alerts to deal with real threats


Enhanced Visibility

Get real perspective into what is going on in your environment and the landscape of threats.


Protect Assets

With 24-hour monitoring, powerful technology and expertise, protect data and devices.


Ensure Compliance

Easily create reports to satisfy internal stakeholders and compliance auditors.


Work Process



Our customers are at the center of everything we do


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We do the right thing – not only when someone looks, but always.

Test the safety awareness of employees through phishing

Social engineering, or misusing the human element of security, poses a considerable risk to your business.

Security Is Our Game

Smartshield's team of engineers help businesses secure their digital presence. Our Security Information Management(SEIM) teams are structured to help organizations defend against all kinds of threats to be your company's solution.

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